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100 Skabaa Stadissa -

Architectural competitions have been held in Finland over 140 years. Many unique structures and built environments of the highest standards have been created as a result of competitons.

A virtual exhibition was created and lauched to celebrate the over hundred buildings based on architectural entries in Helsinki alone. The exhibition shows the profound impact these competitions have had on the cityspace and overall the urban identity in Helsinki.

Together with the virtual exhibition we created a printed map, Helsinki Built Through Architectural Competitions, together with the Architecture Information Centre.

"In Helsinki alone there are over hundred buildings that have been executed as the results of architectural competitions. It is interesting to think how the city would have been formed, if the competition jurys would have come to a different solution.”
Mari Koskinen, Competition Specialist, SAFA

To celebrate the 125th anniversity of the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA, we interviewed four prominent Helsinki residents with memories and stories to share – all of them have a special relationship with the built environment. Please read all the articles at

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100 Skabaa Stadissa

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