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Four Seasons A350 -

I designed an audio-visual world around a spatial installation at the main gate area of A350. The design derived from Finavia’s four seasons concept and its Finland/Lapland/Helsinki –themes.

This spatial artwork consisted of soft textile elements and experiential boxes made of Finnish birch. The experiential boxes were created by Kari Leppälä at Ohto and textiles by Vallila Interior. Inside the boxes were seasonal videos by Visit Finland, a video about the history of the airport, and specifically of the new A350.

”We were especially pleased with Malja’s novel idea about showcasing Finavia’s and Finnair’s customer promises. Smooth traveling through Helsinki-Vantaa and unique Nordic experience themed by four seasons was presented in multi-sensory way. The result was a timeless, stylish, innovative experience and according to our wishes also easily modifiable from autumn to Christmas.”
Kaisa Venermo, Marketing Manager, Finavia Oyj

Later on that year, I turned the spatial installation into Christmas style according to the airport’s status as Santa’s Official Gateway. The colour theme was changed into Christmassy red nuances and the themes of the videos changed to winter and Christmas utilising Visit Finland’s video material in addition to the new Christmas video produced jointly by Finavia and Finnair.

Four Seasons A350 Installation

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


Spatial Design

Malja BTL Oy

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