Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture Spatial design (group project)

Messukeskus, Helsinki 2010

Sketches: Jenna Kunnas

We, the design students of Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, created our own vision of the home of the future at Habitare fair. The Homework project was created using high-quality materials and comprises space, furniture, textiles and objects. Homework also presented our perspective on what is important in a home.

”A conventional room division and spatial borders become blurred. The new intermediate spaces are where the most fascinating transformations and experiments of new technology, spatial thinking and social dimensions take place. Furniture and space become blended into one. New aesthetics emerge in this field.”
– Pentti Kareoja, Professor in Spatial Design, Aalto University

The aim of our project was to leave behind traditional notions and create new ways living. To grasp the essence of home, we considered and observed daily routines and lifestyles as well as cultural differences. Our studies on eating, cooking, rest, sleep, washing, coming and going – life itself - served as the basis for designing the home of the future. Homework was the starting point for the functions related to lifestyle and living that truly make a house a home.


Please view the exhibition publication HOMEWORK.