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I'm an international design professional with over 14 years of experience in design offices in Helsinki, London and Washington DC. Over the years I have worked in diverse fields from architecture and spatial design to concept creation and event marketing.

I graduated from the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2013 with my Master's thesis on storytelling in architecture. This specific project taught me more of design (and myself) than anything before. Working with an award-winning DC architect, writer and philosopher Travis Price FAIA, on the projects of the Spirit of Place/ Spirit of Design, I came to a realization that what interests me most in this life are authentic stories embedded everywhere.

When people are aware of their stories, they are more thoughtful of what they create. It’s about whom they are and what they want to represent. I have come to believe that the question of who we are lives through this.

I see a person at the core of everything in spatial design, and health and well-being as the foundation, like a stone footing on which it is possible to build almost anything. Physical space creates a framework for the user, who continues to create the meanings of the space through his/her actions.


As a person I'm broad-minded and curious and at my best at work when using both my creative as well as my leadership skills. My strength is the ability to perceive projects extensively and in a user-oriented way through my ambitious entrepreneurial nature. As a former national athlete, I also know the importance of goal setting and what it takes to reach them. 


I'm always seeking for new challenges for growth and exploration.



Concept Design 

Spatial Design

Interior Architecture

Exhibition & Event Design

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