Malja BTL Oy

Concept and Spatial Design

Kyläsaari, Helsinki 2017

Photos: Malja BTL Oy

Hartwall Jaffa wanted to surprise Weekend festival visitors with a memorable station, address and engage younger audience with an actually interesting concept. Memorable set-up and promotion had to engage Social Media users.

Malja executed a colourful and interesting set up that stood out from other festival stands by its tempting design. I was in charge of the overall set-up concept and the site layout, and created the design together with Malja ADs.


Two bars and a portable sales cart functioned as sales stations, through which the phenomenal sales result was reached. We activated visitors with a fun ball pit and nice branded polaroid pictures, taken throughout the day by our cheery promoters.

The set-up was very popular - approximately 8500 guests visited the stand during the weekend and it became a "landmark" among the visitors. Roughly 900 guests took a swim in the ball pit and around 650 polaroid photos were distributed during the two day activation.

More coming soon...