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Helsinki WDC Pavilion-

The Helsinki World Design Capital Pavilion, designed by our team from Aalto University Wood Studio, became the heart of the action for more than 100 summer days during the World Design Capital year 2012. Designed as an open space both literally and figuratively, it brought people together to find out about WDC, enjoy yoga, arts and culture, and exchange about the design heritage and future of the city.

"WDC Pavilion is a milestone in the resurging of timber construction in urban developments and construction."

President Sauli Niinistö, Pavilion opening speech 2012

The wooden pavilion represented architecture of a new era and top know-how of Finnish construction. The Pavilion was implemented jointly by Aalto University, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Design Museum, UPM, and World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. The program was coordinated by the think tank Demos Helsinki.

Wilhelmiina Kosonen and I, from the Aalto University of Art & Design, designed the spatial layout for the kitchen and cafe unit as well as the curtains, which were made out of stainless steel mesh. I was also in change of the lighting design for the pavilion together with iGuzzini.

Multipurpose Pavilion

Helsinki, Finland


Photos by Tuomas Uusheimo

Aalto University Wood Studio students: 

Pyry-Pekka Kantonen, Markus Heinonen, Marko Hämäläinen, Janne Kivelä, Wilhelmiina Kosonen, and Inka Saini.

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