SELLO lastenmaa


Spatial and Interior Design

WKIS collaboration with Wilhelmiina Kosonen

Leppävaara, Helsinki 2011

Wilhelmiina Kosonen and I designed Lastenmaa (Kids' World) in the Sello Library. The brief included the creation of a holistic visual concept for the new space, functional layout (keeping the existing volumes of books, magazines and other kids' media) and also acoustics. The aim was to create a quieter, more comfortable and a more child-friendly environment for this popular library in Espoo.

Our concept included a wooden platform, which was customly created as the kids own archaeological site to explore literature as in ancient Greece. The platform included a landscape of soft objects such as rock pillows, suitable for play and for a pleasant stay.

Spatial division was created by modular textile softwalls by Molo design Ltd and acoustics were improved by the distictive hanging TRATTI sound-absorbers by Laura Tuorila.

Lastenmaa was featured in Tyylivarkaat TV programme in 2012.