sonera gALA

Malja BTL Oy

Stage and interior design

Hartwall Arena, Helsinki 2014

Photos: Malja BTL Oy

Malja BTL Oy organized the Pre-Christmas party for the Sonera personnel at Hartwall Arena. Working together with another Interior Architect Stiina Kiuru, we designed the stage and were responsible for the dinner decorations of this Gala event. The dominant wooden stage elements were created by Kari Leppälä at Ohto in Lahti.

The end result of the Gala was an impressive combination of decorative elements both on the main stage and on the long dinner tables. The design concept of the event embraced Finland and glamour - colours of the Northern lights mixed with shimmering gold.


”The best feedback was that Sonera Gala was said to be the best Pre-Christmas party ever!”