Tango exhibition

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture 

Exhibition Architect with Henri Halla-aho

Hangar 32, Nantes, France, 2013

Design Museum Gallery, Helsinki, 2013

Photos: Henri Halla-aho

Text reference: Studio HH

In the TANGO (Towards a New Intergenerational Openness) project, students of three European design universities developed solutions for better everyday life. Local communities in Nantes, Helsinki, and Milan were active participants in creating socially and environmentally innovative design concepts.

During the two-year process, the students involved people of various ages in their projects to understand the diversity of everyday experiences. The plans inspired by this exchange were shared in exhibitions in Nantes, Helsinki, and Milan. Ideas were presented on how design can improve the quality of life, and how designers can take different needs into account.

I designed this traveling exhibition concept together with Henri Halla-aho
(Studio HH). Studio HH also made all the exhibition elements. 
The main elements were light fabric screens and pine frames.

Exhibition graphic design was by Marion Robinson.