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   "Inka is the authentic authenticated! She is a profound designer with a soaring spirit that touches the heart and the mind with fiery ideas that fit the soul. Her understanding of the deeper meaningfulness of design is only eclipsed by the delight and passionate works she creates. Her work ethic is formidable as is her stellar success to satisfy all her clients. Her range of design talents is a rare asset. As an architect, professor and author, I can’t say enough to praise one of the emerging best in the field."

  "Working with Inka is efficient, creative and above all pleasant. 

Her desire is to realize her ideas and visions with the highest quality –

adapting the latest trends, even the next.


With all the projects where I have worked with Inka –

small exhibitions, brand engagements and large event solutions –

Inka has always created something new, being accurate with the brief and also the brand guidelines.Inka is the person I would call when I would like my vision to become a reality."

  "The word that comes to mind when I think of working with Inka is versatility – passion for design, striving for excellence when it comes to colors and materials, great understanding of logistics and project management, ability to listen, waste consciousness and modern approach. 

   The combination of skills and knowledge is an absolute treasure

when it comes to working with spatial design."

  "With Inka it's easy and above all comfortable to work with.

Her innovativeness, holistic professionalism and effecient working methods withgood leadership skills is a rare equation that

is easy to respect.


   Inka is particularly talented both in spatial and concept design,

so regardless of the scale of the project you always know that

you are working with a professional. 

We have implemented several projects together with Inka and

I can sincerely and unconditionally recommend her as

a designer and a project leader."

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